Welcome to the Otway Medical Clinic

31-35 Connor Street, Colac.

 Telephone: 03 52315300       Fax: 035231 5456

Dr. Michael Thomas Connor OAM - passed away peacefully surrounded by the love of his wife Denise and their family on Saturday April 4, 2020.                                Mike was a GP in Colac for 45 years and he had special connections with many people in our community as he expertly cared for them from cradle to grave.              He was loved and respected and he will be forever missed by many. Vale Mike Connor - your good work for humanity is done, may you rest in peace.

Apologies - but our ON LINE APPOINTMENTS ARE CURRENTLY TURNED OFF because we are triaging all appointment requests due to COVID-19

Online Appointments please click here

COVID- 19 “If you have cold and flu symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat or shortness of breath) or, believe you may be at risk of coronavirus (COVID-19).  Please DO NOT COME INTO THE CLINIC. Please call us instead on 52315300.   

We are here for you and we can offer Telephone and Video Consultations in place of face to face consultations.  If you need a physical examination or, any other diagnostic or procedural care, we will are still providing normal consultations but, we may ask you to wait outside in your car until the Doctor is ready to see you.

We aim to provide quality medical care, in a caring and

friendly environment and in the best professional manner."

Good News!   

We have THREE female GP's on staff.   

Dr. Fatmira Pojani, Dr. Zahra Shahzad, and Dr. Evelyn Huang   

Dr. Raghad Al-badri is returning part- time in February 2021 

The Otway Medical Clinic is proud to be involved in the University of Melbourne’s Data for Decisions program that collects anonymous (de-identified) information from the patient health records in an ethical and secure way.  All data collected is managed and stored by the University of Melbourne in accordance with Federal Privacy Law. 

The data collected is only used for research, teaching and policy purposes to improve the way medical care is delivered in the form of education for future health professionals. 

If you would like more information, please ask at reception for an information brochure.  If you do not want your data to be collected for the Data for Decisions program, please tell your doctor or the receptionist. 

SKIN CHECKS – Dermal Watch @ Otway Medical Clinic 

Otway GP's offer 'top to toe' skin checks. Our GP's use a dermatascope just like they do in a skin cancer clinic. Many of our GP's are experienced in skin medicine and they have completed extra training in this area. We have recently purchased a new white light dermatascope to provide a 'clearer magnification".  If you would like a skin check  please make an appointment exclusively for this service. It will take 20 to 30 minutes and the GP may take a biopsy of anything that is suspicious.   

Services/Equipment at OMC  - Clear Blocked Ears! 

 Capture Ear Microscope.PNG - 168.01 KB 

Ear Suction /Microscope - If you suffer from blocked or wax in your ears, this is the safest way to have your ears syringed - it is like a vacuum process.  For Ear Syringing, patients have to use "Ear Clear" for a minimum of 2 days up to 4 days prior to the procedure.  5 drops in each ear twice a day. Ear Clear can be purchased from our front desk reception team for $13.75. For any Ear Nose or Throat problems our GP - Dr. Ebrahim Hassin has extra experience and knowledge in the areas of ENT Medicine.  The procedure is always performed by a Doctor.

We also have an Ankle Brachial Index screening device - this measures Peripheral Arterial Disease . Suitable for screening patients 50 years+ with cardiovascular risk factors -  Hypertension, Obesity, Diabetics, Smokers  and  everyone over 70 years. After set up it takes about 1 minute to get a measurement. The device makes auto calculations we can print a report as well.

loubyfpOTWAY MEDICAL CLINIC is a six time AGPAL Accredited General Practice. Our most recent successful accreditation was December 2019. We strive to constantly improve our services and facilities.

The Otway Medical Clinic is committed to providing the highest standard of patient care in a caring and friendly environment.

We pride ourselves on -  COMPASSION - INTEGRITY and CARE



Our aim is to give our patients the highest possible quality of care, by ensuring excellence in all aspects of our practice.

We endeavour to provide patients with the best and most current treatments, methods, materials and equipment within our resource capabilities to ensure that patients receive the high quality of service they have come to expect. We believe the patients come first. Teamwork is highly valued and encouraged within the practice to promote a harmonious and productive environment. We hold great importance in ethical and responsible behaviour as essential to maintain the trust and loyalty of our patients and staff. 


If you are a regular patient of this practice and you require medical advice after hours, you can contact our GP on call 24/7 on 52315300 to discuss your concerns. Please note: you may initially hear a recorded message when you call after- hours as our phone has to switch from the main line to our practice mobile and then it is diverted to the GP's personal mobile. This may take up to 30 seconds depending on the network traffic. We also hold a Saturday morning clinic for any acute matters from 10am until noon. 

If you have an emergency that cannot wait until our usual business hours, please go to the Urgent Care Centre at Colac Area Health @ 2-28 Connor Street, Colac. The hospital employs Hospital Medical Officers (HMO's) to provide emergency after hours care. The HMO's are supervised by a local GP who has admitting rights at the hospital.   

If you are a privately insured patient and you are admitted to Colac Area Health by the HMO or, their supervising GP, you can request that your usual Otway Clinic GP manages your inpatient care following admission. The HMO will hand your care over to your preferred GP the next morning. If you are a public patient admitted to Colac Area Health - on discharge, the hospital will send your usual GP a discharge summary to ensure your Otway medical file is up to date. 

See our Current Newsletter here  

Head to Health - for your mental health and well being.  Please go to headtohealth.gov.au for information, advice and services available online or over the phone

National Immunisation Shingles Program  (Zostavax) from November 1, 2016

Zostavax is free for all adults 71-79 years of age from November 1, 2016 to 31 October 2021.   Please make an appointment if you would like to receive a free Zostavax.  You should NOT  have Zostavax if -

·        You have a weakened immune system (for example, an immune deficiency, leukemia, lymphoma or HIV/AIDS. 

·        You take high doses of steroids by injection or mouth.